School Visits

The museum is keen to work with schools to ensure the visit is useful and meaningful to all involved. For example tours of the museum can be tailored toward an aspect of the curriculum and can be combined with activities in the community rooms for a varied learning experience.

You can find out more about the themes and curriculum topics we offer in the museum here


Please note that teachers and accompanying adults are responsible for the health and safety of their group and should always remain with pupils while in Newton’s Place and during any emergency evacuations.

We require the following staff to pupil ratio:

  • Foundation stage – 1:3
  • Key Stage 1 – 1:6
  • Key Stage 2 – 1:6
  • Key Stage 3 – 1:10
  • Key Stage 4 – 1:15
  • Post-16 AS/A2 – 1:15
  • SEND- 1:5

Risk Assessments

We encourage teachers/group leaders to visit the Museum prior to your visit in order to complete your risk assessment. We are able to provide guidance for your risk assessments, please contact us if you require this information.

Schools and children’s groups may also like to take advantage of our partnership with ‘Brick Ideas’ who run fantastic interactive workshops using Lego which are built around museum themes. Find out more and see examples of past workshops given to schools at the museum here

A 2 hour workshop in the museum on trains, bridges, or WW1 and WW2 tanks costs £90 and other topics and workshop lengths can be discussed. Use the group booking form below to get in touch.


As well as visiting the museum, we also have a Community Outreach Officer who can come to you. Please note that charges may apply for Outreach visits, contact the Museum using the Enquiry Form below to discuss a possible Outreach.


You can also download a variety of worksheets and activities from our Resources page

Get in touch to discuss your class’s needs:

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